When we think of “Ministers” we tend to think of bishops, priests & deacons, but all of us, as baptised Christians, are called to share in the Priesthood of Christ. Serving one another can also be great fun and is a brilliant way of contributing to our community. Below are some important ministries where you will always be welcome as a volunteer (full training is provided, so don’t be nervous!)


Every Mass begins with the Ministry of the Word, typically two readings from the Old Testament, the Epistles and/or the Acts of the Apostles, separated by a psalm. We are always pleased to welcome new readers, especially from among our young people.

St Wilfrid’s Readers Rota co-ordinator: John Say 01606 77010

Our Lady’s Readers Rota co-ordinator: Anne Adams 01606 781600.

St Bede’s Reader Rota co-ordinator: Anne Williams 01606 883999

To find out next Sunday’s readings in advance, there is a useful website:

You can also use the Wednesday Word website which also provides the upcoming Sunday’s readings with a small reflection to acompany it.

Go to:

Eucharistic Ministers

Thanks to our Eucharistic Ministers, we are able to distribute the Sacred Body & Blood of the Lord at all our Masses. Eucharistic Ministers also help in a very special way by taking Communion to the sick and housebound of the Parish; a service which is very highly appreciated. We are always happy to welcome new Eucharistic Ministers. Please also inform us, if you know of someone who is no longer able to get to Mass and would appreciate Communion at home.

Please make contact with one of the Parish Team.

St Wilfrid’s Eucharistic Ministers co-ordinator: Enid Stanton 01606 41991

Our Lady’s Eucharistic Ministers co-ordinator: Anne Adams 01606 781600.

St Bede’s Eucharistic Ministers co-ordinator: Anne Williams 01606 883999


St Augustine taught, that ‘to sing is to pray twice.’ We aim to have singing at all our Sunday Celebrations. Come and join us. Our music is varied. At Our Lady’s & St Bede’s we have the organ and more traditional music with choirs to lead the congregation, whilst at St Wilfrid’s our 9.15am Mass is more family orientated with guitar + other instrumental music. For further information contact:

Our Lady’s Music Group – Denise Morrison 01606 77517 (Our Lady’s Choir have a weekly practice on Mondays 7.00pm. All Welcome.)

St Wilfrid’s Music Group – Helen and Andy Summer 01606 889676 or e-mail

St Bede’s Music Group – Liz Jagielka 01606 852888 / Patrick Hutchinson 01606 882669 (St Bede’s Choir have a weekly practice on Thursdays 7.00pm. All Welcome.)

St Wilfrid’s Organist: Stephen Reynolds – Is available to play for Weddings and Funerals 01606 891415

Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy is actually the Liturgy of the Word for Children. We read the Gospel of the day at a level the children can understand and enjoy. We enrich this with discussion, prayers, songs and games. We also try to raise awareness of God’s love, the humanity of Jesus, the Seasons of the Church and the context of the Bible.
Our aim is to make the children’s experience of church meaningful, whilst helping them to grow in the faith of the Catholic Church and develop as full and active members of our Parish Community.
If you are interested in getting involved as a catechist or helping out, you are welcome to speak to one of the catechists or Father Paul.

Altar Servers

We would welcome boys and girls who have celebrated their First Holy Communion to join our small but very dedicated group.

Contact: Deacon David Harrison 01606 41518 / Anne Adams 01606 781600


Can you get to Mass early occasionally? We need more people to be at the door to greet people as they arrive, and make them feel welcome. This is important for regulars, newcomers and visitors.If so, please contact: Phyllis Hinde 01606 782946 (St Wilfrid’s) / Anne Adams 01606 781600 (Our Lady’s) / Pauline Atkinson 01606 851498 (St Bede’s)

Make Our Church Beautiful

This may seem lower profile as it all happens out of sight of the congregation, but arriving to find a well-tended garden, a beautiful clean Church decorated with lovely fresh flowers and perhaps a seasonal display really lifts our spirits. We so appreciate these quiet ministries, and volunteers are always welcome for:

  • Church Cleaning
  • St Wilfrid’s – Enid Stanton 01606 41991
  • St Bede’s – Sr. Phyllis 01606 270209
  • Our Lady’s – Anne Adams 01606 781600
  • Flowers and Flower Arranging
  • St Wilfrid’s – Virginia McGough 01606 74831
  • St Bede’s – Rosemary Maynard
  • Our Lady’s – Ann Meakin 01606 891591
  • Garden and Outside Maintenance
  • Contact – Father Paul